Global Vertical Farming Expo - GVFE 2021
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Increasing food demand due to growing population along with ever decreasing arable lands poses one of the greatest challenges awaiting us. By 2050, the world's population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion people, and feeding such a large population will be a huge challenge. Due to increasing urbanization and industrial development, we are falling short of fertile lands every day. Studies have shown that the Earth has lost a one-third of its arable lands over the past 40 years. We believe vertical farming should be the answer to this challenge.

With all the developments & technological advancements rapidly taking place in the vertical farming space, the global vertical farming market size is projected to reach USD 17.59 billion by 2028. In addition to this, there is a growing interest in vertical farming worldwide, with massive facilities already operating in Asia, the Middle East and Europe and new projects being announced frequently.

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Global Vertical Farming Show GVF 2021

is a trailblazing global event bringing together the complete vertical farming value chain to explore the market, introduce brands, make new connections, win new projects and create long-term partnerships.

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Global Vertical Farming Expo - GVFE 2021
Growing adoption of a value chain approach to Vertical Farming Agriculture.
Increasing the use of AI-based Agriculture Technologies.
Vertical Farming - The Future of Agriculture

Unleashing Opportunities for Vertical Farming Sector